About Me

Hi, I am Ruth Johnson, a seasoned professional in the automobile industry, hailing from Bakersfield. With a wealth of experience in tires, I am known for my expertise in ensuring vehicles roll smoothly on the road. My meticulous approach and deep understanding of tire technology make her a go-to person for any tire-related queries or challenges in the automotive world. Outside of work, I enjoy exploring the scenic landscapes of Bakersfield and is an avid advocate for road safety. To share my knowledge, I have created this platform and the concept behind TalkAboutWheels is to provide a secure place where people can find informative, partial, and accurate reviews to understand which type of tire best supports their vehicles. 

How I Process Reviews

Providing you with accurate and reliable information about tires is my top priority at TalkAboutWheels. The following is an overview of how I handle reviews:

Experiences of real customers: 

Real customer feedback is powerful. I review tires based on reviews reported by drivers who have actually owned and used them. I believe that real-world feedback from actual customers is the best way to determine how reliable and durable tires are.

Well-researched work:

Users can submit their own reviews on my community-driven platform. TalkAboutWheels is an open platform where I encourage drivers to share their experiences, thoughts, and opinions to build a range of options. I create user-generated content that is the foundation of my review process.

Unbiased approach: 

When processing reviews, I maintain an unbiased approach. My users’ content is not altered or manipulated. As a resource for making informed decisions, I strive to provide general and informative opinions.

Controlling and moderating quality: 

I never compromise on the content’s quality, and create helpful and informative content that helps readers find something and helps them understand what is important for their vehicles. I moderate reviews to keep our community positive and helpful by removing inappropriate or spam content.

Reviews from multiple resources: 

Reviews are collected from reputable sources. In this way, I can provide an overview of how the tire is performing as well as the satisfaction of the customer.

TalkAboutWheels aims to provide readers with the information they need to make an informed decision about their tire purchases. We strive to provide comprehensive reviews of different tire brands and models, as well as tips on how to find the best tire for your vehicle. We also share advice on maintenance and other topics related to tire safety.

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